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Established in Norfolk 1975

Welcome to our new look web-site. We have kept some of your favourite features and added some new ones too.

New Classes begin September 2016. Highly qualified teachers, pro-insurance, recognised by China. Beginners welcome. All classes suitable for adults. Day or evening.

July 2015:
A member of the public has warned us of a “claimed” 1st degree black belt in Buddhist Wing Chun and unknown other who now claims to be teaching it as “Tao Te Kung Fu”, Taoist. Public beware. The authorities are being informed of fakes via the appropriate Governing Bodies.

January 2015:
We have moved our main classes to the ‘Silver Road Community Centre’ Silver Road, Norwich NR3 4TA.
* Kung-fu 7.30 - Wednesdays.
* T’ai Chi 7.30- Thursdays;
both on-going classes.

“What can I expect?”...>>>

* News in Brief.

* 42 years teaching (2015).
Oldest Kung Fu/T’ai Chi school in Norfolk.
Fully Qualified Teacher - Tested & Accepted by China. Only Genuine Tao School.

Serving the community since 1973, teaching Kung Fu, Tai Chi in Norfolk & East Anglia since 1973. Health and fitness skills of ancient China, helping thousands of people to better health and a more positive lifestyle.

The only genuine Taoist Kung-fu school in this area. Your chance to improve your life and learn to reach new levels.

Foundation Taoist Kung Fu Classes:
Beginners can learn from solid foundations up to extremely advanced levels. Full Syllabus.

The syllabus is logical and broad, covering all necessary aspects of training and self-defence. The syllabus was developed over 20 plus years!

Instructor Level is only awarded to those who have fully earned it, making them unique and respected.