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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts


Almost as old as the Mountains, the Taoist ‘Long Life’ Arts began over 5,000 ago. The Yellow Emperor, Huang T’i, gathered and spread the many forms of “life skills” that continue to be developed until today. Here in Tiandidao adult educational school, you will find simple but life changing skills brought to you by dedicated practitioners. As the Chinese say “The Teacher points the Way. It is up to you to make the journey!”
Your journey begins here. ( Brief Description Below.) (Full History Here!)

Tested & Accepted


“Every journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.”   Your first step must be to make the effort  to attend your first class. Here you will not be left in the dark, fed marketing nonsense by falsely proclaimed teachers: of which there are many around, so beware. Here you will be welcomed. We explain what it is you are embarking on, how it should be done properly and safely, then guide you to avoid injury and attain long lasting results.

“Quickly learned, easily forgotten”

The wise saying from Chinese Masters who know that there are no shortcuts to either health, fitness or self-defence. That is why we teach you strong foundations, then build carefully upwards so that you learn for life.

Whether you choose the dynamic and highly acclaimed Taoist Kung Fu, the highly intricate and surprising Art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, with all of its facets, or you are retired, stressed and finding it hard to relax so choose our T’ai Chi for Health, you will find something which can transform your life for the better. Just ask out many happy students.

Of course, you cannot please everyone. Our society is full of people who have pre-conceived ideas about what the Taoist Arts should be like. Forget it. You have a life time to learn, expand your mind, discover new ideas and gain renewed health, plus develop new skills and confidence.

“Before making progress, the Tortoise must first stick its neck out!”

Take a look at our Classes and see what is right for you.

Women’s Classes: ‘Wild Rose’©™
Although men and women should be equal, some still feel unequal and uncomfortable. This is why we may be able to offer a women only class with top quality male instructor who has raised his daughters to fear nothing! Please feel free to enquire about organising a class in your area and/or training to become an  Instructor yourself.

Wudang Shan

Wudang Mountains in China. This is the modern “centre” of Taoist activities and is a recognised site of world importance.

Professor Chee Soo

Master C. Chee Soo, our Grandmaster’s Taoist Arts Teacher; he taught Ch’ang Ming (Diet), T’ai Chi, Ch'i Kung, Taoist Kung Fu & Taoist Yoga and healing T.C.M.

Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu is the philosopher accredited with writing the ‘Tao Te Ching’ and spreading the Taoist Philosophy amongst the Chinese nation. His works are still a valued source of inspiration today.

*There are many fake schools of Chinese Arts around, and others claiming to be non-Chinese styles. Readers are asked to beware of fakes as incorrect training can lead to health damage.

 What is Tao?