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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts


There are many different schools of Kung Fu or Tai Chi in Norfolk and Suffolk, however, not many are genuine. Even less self-professed “Masters” have actually learned from a genuine teacher either. We advise the public to beware as health or physical or even mental health damage can occur from poorly trained or unqualified instructors. Each Instructor should have a verifiable history and lineage, traceable to actual Masters of a older school. Our own Chief Instructor has studied all his life and was an “invite student” to Prof. C. Chee Soo of Taoist Arts International - Li (Lee) Family School, as well as having studied many other systems of historic importance. Grandmaster Symonds has been teaching for over 44 years to 2017.

Taoist Kung Fu is different to many other styles insomuch as it uses the philosophy of Tao in its approach to movement. There is no other style of Taoist kung Fu in East Anglia, or beyond, as far as we are aware. That’s why we get students travelling many miles to train in our classes every week. Traditional T’ai chi Ch’uan is nothing like the modern “24 Forms” or similar exercises developed in Communist China. It follows the basic principles which date back to the 13th Century, as laid down by Ch’eung Sam-fung, and other great scholars who developed it over the centuries. Practice of both are invigorating and life-changing in a very positive way.

Adult Beginner Classes every September & February

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