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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts


The series so far:
‘Qigong & Baduanjin’ - this book outlines and details the relaxing, health improving and life transposing Chinese Art of Qigong. Qigong means “Energy training” and covers a wide vista of Traditional Chinese Medicine for health and balance. This book details the facts, history and unknown Forms of Baduanjin, a health skill dating back almost 900 years.

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‘Tai Chi Diet: food for life’. The book explains what food is, what is does and why you need it. It also tells you which foods are good or bad for you and allows you  to make informed decisions on changing your diet, one item  at a time. Other aspects, like the times you eat, are also discussed. A Special Needs section deals with common diseases like IBS, Cancer and Hyperglycaemia. This book has helped many people make life changing diet changes easily.

‘T’ai Chi Ch’uan - The Wellspring Source Book’. The latest addition is all about the ancient Art of Taijiquan. It covers the history, development and mainstream styles of this much loved gentle exercise form.  Background philosophy and essential techniques or methods are explained along detailed and illustrated Forms.

Kung Fu The Way of Heaven & Earth - Here is a book for students  that helps them to understand the style, the values and concepts of Chinese fighting and exercise systems.  For new students, this gives the information about stances, punches kicks and movements, plus the first two grades. It is a companion to what is learned in classes, not a D.I.Y. Manual.

Other books are being produced in this series: The Taoist Arts of T’ien Ti Tao Kuoshu P’ai.

Practical Philosophy of Tao - for Schools or Individuals.

‘Practical Philosophy of Tao - for teachers and individuals’. - This (US) Letter sized book is just 32 pages but packed with information on the history and practical usage of the philosophy that we call TAO - (meaning WAY, as in “The WAY of the Universe”).  RRP just £9.99

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