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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts

Taoist Kung-fu is different from the majority of Kung-fu schools. Because it uses specific body principles to gain power and effectiveness in combat, it also develops Internal Health, as well as Internal Strength and External Fitness. Methods which go back hundreds of years in China are now rarely found. In T’ien Ti Tao School you can not only find these methods but learn them, benefit from them and you should prolong a longer and healthier life.
               New Students often say “What I did before was nothing like this. This is really good.
                                                   I can feel the difference!”

Taoist Kung-fu training starts with learning how to stand and move correctly. Fighting is not the main objective, staying safe is. If you can stand and move correctly, then you can learn to fight-off attackers with far greater effect.

Have You Trained Before?
Often we hear from people who have trained at other schools, but left because of disappointments or high costs.
T’ien Ti Tao is a “not for profit” school. In the true tradition of Taoist Arts what we teach and share is for the benefit of the practitioner. As for disappointments, our students who put their minds to it all enjoy their training and many rewards it brings: nit just in terms of health and fitness or self-defence, but by becoming more positive in everyday life too.

It takes far longer in our school to become an Instructor, but, our syllabus is full, our standards are high. All of our Instructors are Nationally Qualified to higher standards.

T’ien Ti Tao P’ai - Facts
First established in Great Yarmouth in 1975.

Tested & Accepted by Chinese Authorities: ICKF
R.o.China 1987 - “Genuine Traditional Chinese Arts”.

The only comprehensive Taoist arts School in UK.