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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts

Qigong, Ch'i Kung or Qi Gong.
It means “Energy Training” in loose translation. There are specific methods in learning Qigong and only a qualified Instructor can teach these skills safely. Just because someone has been a student for a year does not mean that he or she can teach. The skills are like a river, the surface looks simple, but it runs very deep beneath the surface. Bad or incorrect teaching can easily lead to ill-health and imbalance, so please make sure that you choose only the best qualified teachers with long-term experience.

In T’ien Ti Tao - The Way of Heaven & Earth - school, we only teach “compatible” Taoist Arts and the safer approved exercises which we know to be beneficial and harmonising.
Perhaps our favourite Health & Fitness Form is the beautiful Pa T’uan Chin / Baduanjin, or “Eight Strands of Silk Brocade”. A simple set of 8 exercises which have astounding health giving effects.

* We are the only school to teach the seated version too: suitable for Therapy, recovery, Healing and health promotion for bed-ridden or chair-bound patients of any healthcare service.

Health Warning:
Please be wary of people claiming to to teach Qigong as there are many around who “jump on the bandwagon” thinking that it must be so simple that they could make a living from it! Your health could be at serious risk if you do not train with a highly qualified teacher who can observe you and symptoms of imbalance.  
Choose Qigong like you would choose a Physician to Operate on your body!