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The Way of Heaven & Earth School

Main Venue:
Silver Road Community Centre,
34 Silver Road

Norwich T’ai Chi & Kung-fu - Traditional Chinese Arts

New Student Information.

As a new student you will have lots of questions. These cannot all be answered here, but we will light a proverbial candle to show you the way.

What do I need to wear?
A: Anything loose and comfortable. Tight clothing restrict the flow of blood, oxygen and Internal Energies (Ch’i). We advise on Cotton clothing, as Nylon is disruptive to the energy channels. Flat’ish shoes with proper arch support are best worn.

What about Fees?
A: Hall Fees, as we call them, help us to pay for the room, equipment, web hosting and much more. Hall Fees are expensive in UK due to the high cost of living. That said, we are still more reasonable than many other schools because we have a structured or Tiered Fee scheme; Cash, Member, Life Member & pay by Standing Order, offering money saving options in the long term.

What’s different about your School?
A: We are unique in this area, possibly even the entire UK. T’ien Ti Tao (The WAY of Heaven & Earth) is a “holistic school” of Taoist Arts, rarely found these days even in China! There are fakes and imposters a plenty around Norwich, Norfolk and the rest of the UK, so public beware! Many claim to teach “Kung Fu” but really it’s just a hodgepodge of techniques gleaned from books or videos; and often taught badly and dangerously. Incorrect methods can lead to physical injury or even mental ill-health. In T’ien Ti Tao P’ai we take our time, teach the essential basics from the ground up, then encourage each individual to his or her personal needs and understanding.

What about Black Belts?
What about them? A ‘Black belt’ means nothing unless the student has been taught well. We concentrate on quality, not quantity. Your goals need to be learning, study, practise, understanding, ability. These are the real values.

 Is it suitable for children?
No. Children in the West are generally unsuitable to learn serious Arts with a Philosophical background. Children in “old China” were brought up differently and so some may have been more suited to learning in a Temple style retreat from an earlier age.

Can women do it?
Yes. Modern women are coming to realise that there are important values in life; e.g. health, fitness, ability to survive and have a more naturally happy life. Too much saturation of advertising, abusing women’s natural position by making them feel guilty about looks, size, hair and anything else manufacturers can dream up, has caused a dependence on drugs, make-up, fashions, bad foods and loosing touch with Nature. Training in Taoist arts will help overcome all these problems.

Is it a real man’s Art?
Yes. Real men are not concerned with falsehoods of life, being moulded by society’s manipulators or being imprisoned by untruths. Real men seek knowledge, confidence and freedom. Training gives you the power to think for yourself.

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There is beauty in the Taoist Arts. Nature is Tao, reflected in all things we see and touch. Yin & Yang are the two primary forces within Tao. These are echoed in Taoist Kung Fu, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and even in Ch'i Kung (Energy Training). In practising these Arts we learn that Nature is flowing, still, expanding, contracting, male and female, light and dark, in flux and flow. We become more harmonious eventually, with Nature; and Humans are a part of Nature. The developed Human strives to become ONE.